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What is cGMP Manufacturing?

cGMP manufacturing plays a pivotal role within the biopharmaceutical sector, constituting a regulatory framework endorsed by government agencies, such as the FDA, EMA or FIMEA. It is expressly formulated to uphold the quality, safety, and uniformity of biological drugs, vaccines, and analogous biopharmaceutical products. Notably, compliance with cGMP is obligatory, and regulatory approval is contingent upon its meticulous observance by manufacturers.

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Key principles of cGMP Manufacturing

Stringent Documentation

cGMP requires thorough documentation of all aspects of manufacturing, including processes, equipment, and procedures. This documentation serves as a clear record of actions taken during production, ensuring traceability in case of quality issues or recalls. If something was not documented, it was not done.

Quality Control and Testing

Throughout the manufacturing process, accurate quality control measures and testing are conducted. This step is critical to promptly identify and rectify deviations from quality standards, ultimately guaranteeing that the final product meets safety and efficacy requirements.

Facility Design and Maintenance

Manufacturing facilities must be carefully designed and maintained to prevent contamination and provide optimal conditions for production. This ensures product integrity and safeguards the quality of biopharmaceuticals.


Validation is a cornerstone of cGMP, confirming that processes, equipment, and methods consistently produce desired results. This practice ensures the reliability and consistency of manufacturing processes and verifies that they are in control.

Our Process


Drug Substance

Our manufacturing process centers around the Drug Substance. These phases include carefully producing cells, efficiently generating viruses, and purifying the substance with great care.


Drug Product

The Drug Product phase involves the final steps in the production of pharmaceuticals, where active pharmaceutical ingredients and other components are formulated into finished drug products that are ready for distribution and use.

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