Hello! We are happy you are interested in us!


And why shouldn't you be? FinVector is a fast growing company with already over 200 employees from 16 different countries. We offer you a chance to work in a world leading organisation in the field of Viral-based Gene Therapy production and development. We have five main departments: Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Analytical, Procurement & Logistics and Group Administration that consists of HR, IT and Finance. Our employees possess different educational backgounds such as laboratorians, scientists, bachelors of business administration, storemen, clean room cleaners, engineers and more!


FinVector is a lively and international working community with a wide range of career opportunities. We are based in the beautiful city of Kuopio, Finland. Surrounded by the large Kallavesi lake, Kuopio hosts a range of annual events such as Comedy Festival, Wine Festival, Kuopio Rock Festival etc. and it offers many indoor and outdoor activities all year round. FinVector is based at the modern Novapolis complex near Eastern Finland University and the University hospital.


If you have any questions in mind related to applications, please visit our FAQ page; you might find the answers there! 

No open vacancies at the moment

Thank you for your interest towards us! There are no open vacancies at the moment but as our company is growing rapidly, we hire people through open applications as well. Tell us who you are, what kind of knowhow you could add to our company and what you've done so far! While we check your application, don't forget to follow us on Social Media for any latest news and fun content.

So why apply to FinVector?


As an employer, we offer you an international working environment at the highest peak of modern medicine production. Together with the rest of the team you will help in developing our products to help people in need. We are very passionate for our work and that is why Enthusiasm and Commitment are one of the keynotes in are values:


  • Quality - Patient safety: The safety of the Patients and our Employess always come first are assured by individual high ethics of quality of work
  • Enthusiasm & Commitment: Everything we do, is done with passion!
  • Innovation: We are forerunners of novel viral-based Gene and Cell Therapies. We are always on the cutting edge in discovering new technologies and innovations
  • Resilience: We work on the foundation of continuous improvement. A constantly changing environment drives our activities and encourages us to adapt ourselves every day to bring the best outcomes to any challenge
  • Goodwill: Our working environment is built on goodwill. We consider and help each other both in and outside of work
  • People first: The well-being of our employees assures the quality of our work. That's why we are a staff-friendly organization with benefits that keep our employees active and happy throughout working life
  • Honesty - Trust: We always aim to keep our promises that are given to employees, collaborators and patients


People spend most of their days at work and that's why we want to make our facilities as welcoming as possible. We offer our employees ergonomic working tools, silent offices and other spaces for team work or small meetings.

We support healthy lifestyle and for that reason our Occupational health care is wider than the law requires. It includes psycologist, physiotherapist, doctor, specialists and optician services. The health care also supports you in quitting smoking and losing weight. We offer employees sport and cultural balance and weekly floor ball games. To support the great team spirit of ours, we arrange 3-5 big events annually such as sauna, summer and Christmas parties as well as game nights!

Balancing work and family can be stressful and that's why we offer several benefits that are linked to working arrangements e.g. flexible working time, staying home to care for a sick child and working remotely.

FinVector also supports its employee's voluntary education when it increases both their own and employer's know-how. We also have career paths which encourage our employees to develop themselves.


If this sounds like your kind of place, send us an open application and let us know more about yourself! Follow us also on social media for more fun content and to not miss any open positions!