Research & Development


FinVector’s Research and Development department is at the forefront for process development activities in advanced therapies.

FinVector’s development facilities, matched with the extensive experience of our scientific team, enables us to work with a broad range of viral vectors, especially Adenoviruses (recombinant, oncolytic), Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) and Lentivirus.

FinVector has developed several manufacturing processes from small flask scale to commercial scale utilizing either serum free suspension bioreactor approach or controlled and disposable fixed bed bioreactor. Scalable and cost effective large scale purification is based on chromatography and tangential flow filtration. Along the process development, product specific assays are developed during the early stage.

FinVector has several areas that are dedicated for viral vector process development suitable for upstream and downstream work. Pilot facility is designed for process scale up activities as a last step towards the GMP.

Close contact of Finvector´s R&D, GMP manufacturing and quality/regulatory teams guarantees high quality reproducible products for the international market.