Platform Process Development / Scale Up

During FinVector's two decades in operation, we have developed a range of adherent and suspension-based platform processes for viral vectors.

At FinVector we want the best solution tailored to the individual needs of each client. We pride ourselves on developing a robust scalable STET process for your viral vector, whether it be an adherent or suspension-based platform. Alternatively, we can simply work with your existing platform, applying all of our expertise to maximise yield.

In-house, we utilise single-use bioreactor systems and constantly review and evaluate new technologies in the field.

For Adenoviruses, Finvector has developed a serum-free suspension-based platform process for the manufacture of adeno-based products, for which the CMC is approved within the EU. This platform can provide clients with key benefits from a reduction in timeline to a high-yielding product. This platform has already been utilised for production of different adeno products for clinical trials. We are currently validating our own commercial supply process.

For Lentivirus production, FinVector has IP filed for baculovirus mediated lentivirus production process. There are many advantages of this system. It is able to produce high titers, has a high insert capacity and can harvest viral vectors budded of from the cells over a long period.