When was FinVector established?

Professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala formed the company back in 1993. FinVector was originally named Ark Therapeutics before undergoing a name change to FinVector Vision Therapies in 2013 and later to FinVector in 2018.

What does FinVector Offer?

We offer services across a wide range of viral-based product types, including Adenoviral, AAV, and Lentiviral-based vectors. From our cutting-edge fully-licensed GMP manufacturing facility in Finland, we have built an extensive pipeline of gene therapy products and technologies for our clients.

What are Adenovirus, Lentivirus and AAV?

Adenoviral vectors are the most frequently used vectors in gene therapy clinical trials. Adenoviruses have proven an efficient tool for the treatment of many type of diseases, such as cancer, vascular disease and monogenic disorders. The most commonly used adenovirus serotypes in gene therapy are 2 (Ad2) and 5 (Ad5). Adenoviruses infect both dividing and quiescent cells having broad tropism and transient transgene expression. The viral particles are rather stable and easy to manipulate. In addition, adenoviral vectors can be produced in high titters.


Lentiviruses have valuable capabilities as vectors in gene therapy. This is because they have low immunogenicity and transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells with high efficiency, achieve long-term stable expression of the transgene. This gives lentiviruses a wide range of potential therapeutic applications. However, the generation of clinical grade vectors in quantities large enough for therapeutic use is still challenging and often limiting for preclinical and clinical development projects. To solve this unmet need, FinVector has established and patented a practical means of manufacturing lentiviral vectors in suspension cells using baculovirus constructs to supply the genetic components.


The non-lytic adeno-associated virus (AAV) has evolved into a gene therapy tool of considerable importance since it has been used in a wide range of gene therapy approaches. AAV has a broad host and cell type tropism and it transduces both dividing and non-dividing cells. So far AAV vectors has been manufactured for preclinical studies. FinVector has several areas that are dedicated for viral vector process development suitable for upstream and downstream work and several campaign based cGMP facilities.

How are the products released?

The manufacture is supported by QA supervision and QC control of materials and products and an in-house QP for clinical and commercial release. These manufacturing capabilities are purpose-built alongside FinVector's research and development laboratories. FinVector offers qualified person release of drug products. We work closely with qualified couriers for cold chain distribution, and together we can transport your drug product to your facility or directly to your distribution or clinical site. We also have expertise in Pharmacy Manual preparation especially for the handling of gene-therapy products in pharmacies within Europe.

Who are our Clients?

FinVector works with a range of clients from Large Pharma to spin out Biotech companies providing our expertise to develop and/or clinical manufacture tomorrows next generation Gene Therapy products.

How to apply to FinVector?

Always apply through the application form that is linked to the specific position you are interested in. Remember to attach and save your CV and/or application. We cannot accept any applications via email due to GDPR.

Where do I find open positions?

All of our open positions are mentioned on our Careers page. By following us on Instagram @we_are_finvector, Facebook and LinkedIn you’ll always find out about new vacancies first!

What if there are not any open positions and I still want to apply?

You can send us your open application via this link.

What kind of information is requested on the application form?

The form asks for your contact details, relevant educational background and language skills. You must at least fill in the sections marked with an asterisk. You can also attach a free form application and CV.

How can I make sure my application stands out from the rest?

Be clear and to the point. Relevant factors should be included, but an application that is too long and contains irrelevant information is not preferable. In addition to your own expertise, please tell us in your own words why the job interests you and what you would contribute to the position. Describe your skills in a positive light but try to avoid excessive exaggeration.

How long does my employment application remain on file?

Due to GDPR, your CV and application are available for six (6) months in our system and deleted automatically when the time has passed.

Where I can find FinVector's Privacy statement?

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