Cell banking and Viral seed stocks

FinVector has over 20 years' experience developing and manufacturing viruses from the laboratory to the market.

Utilising our strong track record in this area, we manufacture and store on-site master/working cell banks and viral seed stocks to support client projects on their journey through the three clinical trial phases to commercial supply.

Our clients can be assured that FinVector's cell and viral banks are fully characterised and tested according to the regulatory guidelines at our cGMP-licensed facilities. 

We have a broad experience in this sector, working with HEK293, HEK293T, A549 and also a number of other cell lines. In addition, we currently maintain and have available for client use our own HEK293, which has been successfully reviewed by regulators for commercial supply.

Cell banks are stored in a liquid nitrogen vapour phase, storage of MVSS (Master Viral Seed Stock) and WVSS (Working Viral Seed Stock) is in an ultra-low temperature freezer. All critical storage equipment is monitored and controlled by alarm systems.